Services for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Field

StatSciConsult offers a wide range of high quality analyses of pharmaceutical and medical data, supporting for example epidemiology, genetics and health outcomes projects. We perform advanced statistics and consult on study protocols and statistical reports. StatSciConsult supports Bayesian methods and computer simulations as well. Our deliverables can be used for publication and submission.

We help the client to use data to full potential.

Our services include:

Developing the statistical analysis protocol

Structuring and processing clients data

Descriptive data analysis

Explorative data analysis

  • Quality control:
    • Check plausibility of analysis
  • Data Mining:
    • Detect structures, signals in data, unexpected risks/benefits
    • Subgroup identification like disease sub-phenotypes or cost intensive subgroups with cluster analysis and tree models

Statistical analysis and testing

  • Probing of model assumptions e.g. normal or non-normal
  • Select and run adequate tests e.g. t-test, Wilcoxon rank test
  • Multivariate comparisons


  • General linear models, such as logistic, Poisson or negative binomial regression
  • Two stage models for rare events (e.g. hospitalisation) controlling for clumping at zero, to evaluate cost burden or risk
  • Bayesian models

Survival analysis with censored data

Statistical analysis of time series

Documentation, high quality visualisation



We also offer training in these topics.

For further services like Statistical Methods in Genetics see Services/Other.